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Soluspirin has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic actions. It inhibits the biosynthesis of prostaglandins. Its active ingredient is aspirin which is effective for the relief of pain of mild to moderate intensity.

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Intungwa 50ml

Intungwa Infants Diarrhoea Mixture should be used as adjunct to rest, fluids and appropriate diet in the symptomatic treatment of mild to moderately acute diarrhoea. This product is contra-indicated in intestinal obstruction.

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Intungwa Umuthi Wenyoni 75ml

Intungwa Umuthi Wenyoni is used as an antacid, with the capability of neutralizing stomach acid. This product is indicated where the use of an antacid is required.

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Intungwa Children’s Diarrhoea Mixture 100ml

The active ingredient in Intungwa Children’s Diarrhoea Mixture is Bismuth Salicylate which has antibacterial (Bi3+) and local anti-inflammatory (salicylate) properties.

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Hushbaby Gripe Water 100ml

Hushbaby Gripe Water is used to gain relief when babies little upsets occur. It is used to help baby at teething time, weaning time and whenever those little tummy upsets occur.

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Flufight 100ml

Flufight is an anti-pyretic and anti-inflammatory analgesic. FluFight is indicated in the treatment of headache, painful menstrual periods, toothache, fever, colds and influenza, and muscle and joint pain.

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