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We use new and innovative technologies to maintain the best manufacturing environment...
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We are committed to scientific ethics, integrity, employee empowerment and...
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Quality is a priority and the company employs the most stringent, internationally...
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"We use new and innovative technologies to maintain the best manufacturing environment to produce high quality products!"

Resmed Healthcare is housed in a purpose built face brick factory, with a modern contemporary design comprising of three floors to include the offices, designated production areas, and a fully equiped laboratory. The premises have chromadek interior walls and cielings. The offices and laboratory have tiled floors whilst the rest of the building has epoxy covered concrete floors. The temperature of the offices and laboratory is controlled with a separate Air Handling Unit (AHU) which is equiped with washable air filters.

The rest of the factory is equiped with several Air Handling Units with the requisite filtration system including High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. The handling units installed at our facilities provide clean air of such a high quality to ensure that the facility can be classified as a class 10 000 area.

Care is taken to provide a cascade of air pressures, sullying the different cubicles where different manufacturing operations take place. Because of the type of products manufactured, the factory is equipped with a comprehensive system to control the humidity throughout the factory. There is a very efficient water handling system in place.In order to obtain water that meets the requirements of Purified Water B.P., a special unit which incorporates Ultra Vilot lamps, which has been designed and installed as part of the water purification system.

Resmed Healthcare has one of the best laboratories in the country. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment, some of which are linked to an integrator and the methods and results are driven by computer programmes especially designed for the company. The laboratory is well staffed with experienced and qualified Chemists. Two humidity chambers ensure that all stability test, including accelerated stability test are done on the premises. All Standard Operating Procedures are readily available close to each equipment. All sensitive equipment is situated in a separate instrument room on concrete, shock-proof benches.

The equipment used for manufacturing is state of the art and has been sourced from the best manufacturers in the world. Every piece of equipment has been comprehensively validated using the latest validation protocols as required by the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate Convention. The solid dosage facility uses a completely sealed system, from the time the powders are weighed, up to the final compression of the tablets. The Liquids Dept has a completely sealed off primary packaging department which is serviced by a separate Air Handling System. Preventative Maintenance is done on a regular basis by the suppliers of all equipment used in our facilities.


Our products cater for the basic healthcare needs of patients and help prevent serious disease. Our products include powders, syrup, tablets, capsules effervescent and more. The past few years Resmed has been working on unleashing competitive products into the public sector since it has been grounded on supplying the private sector up to now. Products such as the aspirin based pain tablets "Soluspirin" will soon be made available to South and Central African countries alike. Resmed strives to create a industry standard with this particular product creating an easily accessible and cost effective solution to aches, pain and fever relief for the vast majority that might find themselves in rural areas and poverty stricken countries, cities and towns in Africa.

Resmed Healthcare finds solace in their many outreach and community responsibility work that they plan and see through in many central African countries as well as their own home country, South Africa. Being a part of the solution and not merely a bystander has always been a very important factor in the nature of the way that Resmed operates as a company.

Our Forte

"Quality is a priority and the company employs the most stringent, internationally accepted quality standards!"

Resmed Healthcare endeavors to provide a stimulating environment for its employees. Great emphasis is laid on breaking down inter-departmental barriers by developing and maintaining close relations with its employees. To achieve this, the company encourages developmental programmes in relation management. The focus is on customer satisfaction and is sought to be deeply ingrained at every level in the organisation. At Resmed Healthcare we believe that each staff member has the potential to contribute to the success of the company. We appreciate their ability and courage to think big with the flexibility and openness to accept change.

Every employee at Resmed Healthcare tries to achieve excellence by being determined, confident, and passionate in what he/she does. Hence training is an important activity in our company!

Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Research & Development.

"We are committed to scientific ethics, integrity, employee empowerment and customer satisfaction!"

A corporate policy of "Total Quality Management" lays emphasis on satisfying every need for Quality. The quality policy of Resmed Healthcare has been developed to obtain the quality objective of manufacturing medicinal products that are fit for their intended use, comply with the requirements of the medicine registration and do not place patients at risk due to inadequate safety, quality and efficacy.

Quality assurance is a wide ranging concept which covers all matters which individually or collectively influence the quality of a product. The Quality Assurance Department ensures that the Quality Management System at Resmed Healthcare is fully documented and effectively controlled. Documentation comprises an important aspect of the Quality Assurance functions and circulated through a centralized documentation system.

The Quality Control Laboratories test raw materials, packaging materials and finished products against stringent specifications which are often above compendial requirements. In addition it also undertakes testing for the Research & Development team. A committed and well-trained work force equipped with the latest analytical instruments ensures that only the best products reach the customers. Management attaches great importance to Regulatory Affairs.

A team of technically qualified executives in this department direct their efforts towards submission of dossiers for registration of formulations with the Medicines Control Council. Their responsibility is also to ensure that the company is at all times approved by the MCC and PIC (Pharmaceutical Inspectorate Convention, situated in Geneva) and to update all technical personnel with the latest guidelines on GMP as issued by the MCC and PIC. This ensures that the company, at all times meets all international regulatory requirements. The department also conducts pre-scheduled periodic audits of all raw material and packaging vendors and does periodic self-inspection on all Departments within the organization.

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